Some of the sights

Anemotrypa Cave.
The Monastery of Agia Paraskevi.
Around the settlement, there are some interesting villages, well-known for their architecture, named Syrakos - Kalarites - Melissourgoi.
The Magnificent monastery of Panagia Kypina that it is built on the rock.
The village named Katarraktes and many other villages around is worth seeing.



Το χωριό Μελισσουργοί            Το Γέφυρα της Κοφερίτας

  • Melissourgoi is a village in Arta County and is 72 km away from the town of Arta. It is located in the valley between the Athamanian mountains (Tzoumerka) and at the foot of Pindos at an altitude of 850m. It is one of the old villages of Tzoumerka with particular natural beauty and is mentioned as a big village with economic growth from 1272 A.D.



  • Τα Πράμαντα
  • Pramanta is a well-known masonry village with many livestock families, the largest population of western Tzoumerka, is 65 km away from Ioannina and 70km  of Arta. The village is at an altitude of 840 meters, close to the settlements of Tsopella and Christos. Natural beauties are infinite there.
  • The main square with the centuries-old plane tree and the historical fountain "Arapis".
  • The central church of Agia Paraskevi, the jewel of the village.
  • The historic monastery of Agia Paraskevi, the church of Asproklissia in Markopoulou forest, the traditional watermill of Christ, the wonderful cave "Anemotrypa", the mountaineering shelter in "Eisima", the water of the fountains "Skala".


The Holy Monastery of Panagia Kypina

  • The Holy Monastery of Panagia KypinaThe Holy Monastery of Panagia Kypina, probably the most impressive monastery of Epirus built-in 1212 in a steep cliff in Tzoumerka by the monk Grigorios.
  • The monastery is dedicated to the Koimisis of Theotokou and owes its name to the gardens that monks cultivated near the monastery.